Market Hall

Enabling The Creative Flow

Fairview Market Hall is a street-site market designed to capture the spirit and energy of Seattle. It’s a place to experience commerce and human connection, intentionally created with a variety of flexible spaces and an open layout.

The 14 floor LEED Gold building is comprised of collaborative and creative workspaces, featuring a side-loaded core, wide-open and flexible floor plans, natural sunlight and breathtaking views of the Olympics, water and urban Seattle.

Designed For Collaboration

Blending local retail with flexible open workspaces, Fairview Market Hall was designed to promote encounters and unique collaborations that create a connected and memorable workstyle experience.

Urban Optix

“We were looking for a beautiful home to give our patients a unique experience. We wanted to be a part of a community that supported each other and created an environment for all of SLU to enjoy. The Market Hall at 400 Fairview is a special place that fosters space for collaboration and supports not only its tenants, but our customers and our community.”

Dr. Lee

Urban Optix

“One of the best parts about working in the building has been the support and true sense of community. The Market Hall at 400 Fairview has been my absolute favorite café to work at because I feel supported by the building management in collaboration with their events and due to the relationships I've built with our tenants and customers.”

Christian Ortega

Caffe Ladro